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Auto FAQs

Get the FAQs to protect you on the road.

Auto insurance FAQs provided by The Welch Group.

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Your vehicle can be a fairly costly investment—one that is exposed to many potential losses that are out of your control. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to protect it and review the FAQs below.

I am looking at purchasing a new car can you tell me how much it will cost?

The most accurate way is for you to send us the VIN# on the vehicle you are considering purchasing.

Will a new car lower my car insurance?

Its hard to say. Some cars will and some won’t.

Why did my auto rate increase?

There are a lot of reasons as to why your car insurance may have increased. First, lawsuits have increased dramatically. Just look at the billboards. Second, if you have had tickets or accidents, this will also affect your rates. Third, if you have changed vehicles this can also affect the rates you pay. Many people now own cars that cost more than their first homes. Better yet, many people have more cameras in the back bumper of their car then on the outside of their home. This means it costs a lot more to repair a vehicle when it gets “bumped”. Lastly, a carriers experience in a particular zip code affects the rates. If you are in a major city, the rates will be more. Vice versa, if you are in a rural area they will be less. If a carrier experiences more fraud or excessive lawsuits in and area it will affect the overall rates as well.

My neighbors insurance is less than mine.

There are over 565 different factors that go in to one auto in one zip code when determining auto rates. It is impossible to compare yourself to your neighbor.

What carriers do you write with?

Truthfully, we write with most of the auto insurance carriers in Florida. The only ones we don’t write with are the carriers that are CAPTIVE ex….. State Farm, Farmers, GeICO.

I want to spin my child off on to their own policy, so that I can save money.

You wont. It will cost you more. The reason being is that they will lose all of their discounts. They lose the multi-car discount, the homeowner discount, and the average age of the driver on the policy, is now a younger driver with no experience.

I wasn’t to spin my child off on to their own policy, to get the liability away from me.

You would want to speak to an attorney to see how this would affect your current situation with regards to liability. However, it has been my experience that if your child has anything showing that they reside in your home ie……. Bills that go to your home, Drivers Lisc with your address etc…… you can still be held liable. Often times it is more cost effective to purchase an umbrella to protects you. Again, consult with your attorney.

What Discounts are available for my teenage driver?

Good student discounts for teenagers with a B Average or better. Trained Driver Discount. This is a discount for taking a driving course for which you receive a certified completed certificate that is recognized by the insurance company.

What cars are the least expensive to insure?

Typically, the least expensive are 4-Door Sedans and SUV’s. The most expensive cars to insure are 4WD vehicles, Heavy GVW vehicles and sports cars.

What is the driver monitoring device/app discount?

This is a discount that is available with some carriers for good driving habits. It basically monitors hard breaking, acceleration, hours of operation, hard turns etc…….. It does not monitor where you go.

My front windshield is cracked, is that covered?

If you have Comp and Coll.

My spouse just passed away what do I need to do?

We need to remove them from the policy. We need a copy of the Death Cert to send to the carrier. This will also affect the “married” discount that is applied to the auto policy.

If my family member comes in to town, can they use my car?

In most cases yes, since it is not furnished for their regular use.

I have a family member/ friend moving in with me, do you need to know about them?

Yes, we do. Most carriers require that any household residents be disclosed since they are an exposure in the home. Most carriers will either exclude them from your policy, or add them if they will be driving your car.

Can I lower my auto coverage when I go up north?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. People often neglect to tell us when they come back and then they have an accident and coverage has not been increased. If you do decide to change it, we must have you sign a form when you leave and when you come back before we will make any changes. It is your responsibility to take care of this, not ours.

Can I increase my liability?

Yes, at anytime.

Do you offer new car replacement?

Yes, some of the carriers do have that endorsement but it oftentimes have a mileage and/or age limit on the vehicle. If you already have a certain amount of miles on the car or the car is past a certain age limit they will not offer it.

Do you offer the rideshare endorsement for UBER/ LYFT/SHIPT etc…… ?

Yes, we do. We can endorse the policy to cover these exposures but it is up to you to reach back out to the rideshare company and determine if it meets their requirements and if their are any gaps in your coverages between the two policies you need to be aware of since we do not review employment contracts.

Will the rideshare endorsement suffice for my service provider?

This is something you will want to ask the service provider. We are not privy to contractual items.
I would like to dispute the violations you found on my driving record.
You need to call the DMV as we simply utilize their system.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle in Florida?

You will need to call the DMV.
The dealer wont let me take the car until I send him proof that it is covered.
We can add your current vehicle to the policy and send them proof but we need to know the VIN on the new vehicle first.

If I buy a new car, do I have car insurance?

Yes, you have up to 14 days by law. Your current carrier covers you on it for the first 14 days. Despite what the dealership tells you, they cannot supersede FL Law.
How long does it take to remove someone from EFT?
Normally, 5 to 7 business days.

Does this policy cover me for wear and tear?

No, it is not a maintenance program.

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