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Claim FAQs

Get the FAQs for support when you need it.

Claim FAQs provided by The Welch Group.

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Being faced with the unexpected can be a very stressful thing, but we don’t think reporting an insurance claim should be. That’s why it’s important to review the FAQs below.

Are you a claims adjuster?

No, we are not. In fact, the state of Florida considers it a conflict of interest for us to practice both at the same time. Some carriers will not even allow us to turn in the claims for the customers due to the fact that they don’t want us in the middle of the claim.

Who should I reach out to if I have a question about my claim?

You should always reach out to your licensed claims adjuster.

Can you just tell me if there is coverage or not?

Unfortunately, no, since I’m not a licensed claims adjuster. The state prohibits me from it. Not to mention, the proximate damage could be from something that
I am unaware of since I have never seen the damage and I am not a claims adjuster. I can reach out to the claims adjuster on your behalf and have them contact you if you would like?

Assignment of Benefits (AOB)

It basically means you as the insured give up all of your rights to your policy with regards to a claim. We would never recommend that you sign an Assignment of Benefits. There should be no reason for a company to request you to give up your rights to a claim. The reason, the company is requesting it, is so that they can inflate the claim amount that they receive. With roofs it not uncommon to see a roof quote for $12,000 and then the final pay out end up being $55,000. This also affects your insurability and the rate you pay going forward.

Will multiple PIP Claims affect me?

We are not stating whether you have a PIP claim or not. However, multiple PIP claims can affect your premium and your eligibility with carriers due to the amount of fraud surrounding it. We always suggest talking to your claims adjuster before filing a PIP claim.

Will my claim hurt me?

We aren’t claims adjusters so it’s hard for me to say. I can tell you that most carriers look at frequency and severity.

Should I file a claim?

By law, we cannot tell you to file a claim or not. This something that you will have to decide for yourself.

I was solicited by a roofing company about getting a new roof due to damages…

Be aware that many of the roofing companies are being investigated for fraud due to hail damage. It’s important to note that many of the out of state companies are being looked at especially hard. If there is not damage to soft metal, screen enclosures and vehicles you may have an “uphill” battle.We aren’t telling you not to file it, but make sure that they are not trying to get you to file a roof claim simply due to wear and tear.

What if my neighbors tree falls onto my yard/house?

Each person is responsible for their own belongings. If your neighbor’s tree falls on your house, we will pay for the damages to your home and to remove the tree off of the home. We do not pay to have it cut up and removed from your property. Your carrier does have the right to subrogate against your neighbor’s policy.

My neighbor’s tree is leaning over onto my property. Can the insurance company do something?

No, as no claim has occurred. You may want to call your municipality,

What if the condo above me leaks into my unit?

Each unit owner is responsible for their own unit. However, it does not mean that your insurance company cant subrogate for damages.

What if a tree is blown down in my yard and I have a bunch of debris in the yard?

If there is no damage to the home than it is your responsibility to clean it up. This insurance company removes enough of the tree to make the repairs and it is the insures responsibility to have it removed.

Can I use anyone to do repairs on my car?

For the most part yes if it does not exceed the adjusters estimate. Otherwise, the insurance company could have it done themselves. Keep in mind that the work done by the insurance company’s preferred providers is guaranteed.

Do I have to pay my deductible if I turn my not at fault claim into my insurance company and then let them subrogate?

Yes, you would pay your deductible to your insurance company. Once the insurance company subrogated the claim they would get your deductible back, assuming the claim was not your fault. It can take up to two years to get your deductible back.

Do they use a Blue Book value to determine what my vehicle is worth?

That is one tool in addition to many that they use. Unfortunately, the blue book value changes from place to place so its not always the best thing to use.

How do they know what I lost at the time of a claim?

Obviously, receipts and/or photos of the items in your house are the best. However, at the time of a loss they usually sit down with you and go through the items you say you had in your home prior to the claim. They have catalogs from all kinds of manufacturers so they can usually find something that is pretty close to what you had. Even in complete losses there is usually something left behind that gives them an idea as to what you had.

What if my pool screens are missing from the wind/hurricane?

Most policies protect the pool enclosure itself. However, some cover the screens and some do not. It just depends on the carrier.  Not to mention you would still have your deductible as well.

I have damage to my home. What should I do?

You should do everything you can to prevent further damage. If you purchase anything save your receipts for possible reimbursement. Don’t throw anything away until the adjuster reviews the damages. If you can keep from making any repairs until the adjuster comes out than try to do so. The Adjuster should be in touch with you in 24 to 48 hours.

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