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Home Insurance and Your Screen Enclosures

By May 8, 2010May 11th, 2020Personal Insurance

One of the common questions we receive has to do with pool cages and screen enclosures.

First of all, you need to understand that some screen enclosures are situated under the original roof of the home. These are typically covered, but not always, so it is best to check your individual policy. Secondly, there are screen enclosures that have their own roof that is attached to the original roof of the home but extends out most commonly with an aluminum type roof. These are typically not covered unless they are endorsed to the policy.

Pool cages are aluminum fame-works that are attached to the home but go over a pool. These cages are typically not insured either unless they are specifically added to the policy. Screen enclosures and pool cages are as common as flip flops and beach sand in Florida so it is important to know how they are covered.

With that said, insurance companies vary in what type of coverage and the extent of coverage they provide for enclosures and cages. It is always best to review your policy to determine a few things:

  1. If you have screen enclosure coverage.
  2. The definition, scope, and limitations of coverage outlined by your carrier. Here are some important considerations: the mesh material portion of the enclosure is typically not covered by most carriers and pool cages have fasteners that need to be maintained. Wear and tear is something to beware of when filing a claim because one of the first things an adjuster will normally check is the condition of the property that was damaged. A homeowner has a much better chance of a smooth and successful claims process when the home and its main components have been well maintained.
  3. Your carrier may provide limited enclosure coverage only for hurricanes.
  4. Your screen enclosure coverage may very well be at actual cash value and not replacement value like your dwelling.
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